This was the first frictionless store execution for Coca Cola US   and its resto-tainment partner Dave & Buster’s


Coca Cola has had along commitment to advancing their sustainability initiatives. ECOSHOP ensured that the same energy was placed into the design, and execution of this autonomous retail environment.


ECOSHOP utilized our Corrulite structural panel system to replace a traditional millwork structure which not only lightened the structure by 50% but also reduced the amount and time required of labour required by 50% as well.


In addition to aligning with Coca Cola’s initiatives our autonomous retail tech partner ZIPPIN employed low energy fixture and checkout technology to further reduce the overall environmental footprint of this execution.

ECOSHOP in the News

Dave & Buster’s has partnered with Coca-Cola to introduce Game & Go MicroMarket, a small market-style retail space featuring a frictionless checkout process powered by technology from Zippin, in Hollywood, Fla. For fabrication and development within the space, the partners tapped The Central Group when designing the micromarket.

The Central Group

The new concept of including a frictionless market checkout experience within a full-service restaurant required an emphasis on smart features to support the Dave & Buster’s evolution from a restaurant and entertainment destination to retailtainment. Game & Go occupies 270 square feet within the 58,000-square-foot Dave & Buster’s location. The new options provided by Game & Go allow customers to “zip in and zip out” of the smaller retail space while enjoying the entertainment options in the larger venue. 

“Innovation is critical in the entertainment business and our new Game & Go MicroMarket is truly state of the art,” said Brandon Coleman III, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Dave & Buster’s in a statement. “Our F&B team partnered closely with The Coca-Cola Company to bring this exciting new technology to life and I think the guest is really going to enjoy the new food and drinks, as well as frictionless payment.”

“Consumers crave the freedom to explore and enjoy more drink options than ever before,” said Christina Ruggiero, President of North America Operations in the Central Zone for The Coca-Cola Company in a statement. “Game & Go at Dave & Buster’s is an innovative collaboration that pairs refreshing Coca-Cola beverages with mouthwatering meals — and summer fun!” 

Dave & Buster’s Adds Cashierless ‘MicroMarket’ to Florida Restaurant